Obamacare Ruling – Part 2

Fox News, 06/28/2012

Additional footage of the Fox News panel of nine doctors commenting on the new Supreme Court healthcare ruling regarding mandatory health insurance in the U.S. features comments from leading prostate cancer expert, Dr. David Samadi. He discusses the role of government in medical issues, including the U.S. government task force’s recommendation against annual PSA screenings and cautions that insurance companies may soon reject coverage of prostate cancer tests and other preventative measures. Obamacare and health reform in the U.S. brings EMR (electronic medical records) requirements and changes in the procedures and treatments that insurance companies will elect to cover. Emergency room coverage is discussed, along with how physician services may or may not be reimbursed and how a patient’s economic status may affect the care they can afford.

Obamacare Ruling – Part 2
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