Recognizing the Signs of BPH

Fox News, 4:25

Dr. Samadi discusses benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), enlarged prostate growth, on Fox News. BPH is a common disorder of the prostate that affects 1 and 4 men by the age of 55. Each year more than 20 million men are diagnosed with BPH. BPH is non-cancerous. BPH causes frequent urination and leakage. Treatments include herbal medications, laser surgery, TURP, open surgery, or medications like Proscar or Avodart. Dr. Samadi recommends that his patients use these medications combined with Flomax, for example, because of the side effects that include sexual dysfunction and elevated PSA levels. Surgery should be a last resort for BPH treatment.Views: 4434

Recognizing the Signs of BPH
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