Chapter 7: Background of Robotic Prostatectomy Training, Researching Your Surgeon and the Importance of Prostate Cancer Patient Support

Dr. David B. Samadi, Chief of Division of Robotics and Minimal Invasive Surgery for Mount Sinai School of Medicine, discusses robotic surgeon training. He also addresses the need for expertise for robotic surgeons in emergency situations such as if and when a robot fails. A robotic surgeon and his team must be able to know exactly what to do next. Do they have the skills to transfer to laparoscopy or open surgery or must they call on someone else to finish the procedure? He advises the importance of talking to other patients, getting their experiences, asking questions and getting feedback. It is important to individualize care according to patient. Dr. Samadi discusses the use of the robot model he uses. He advocates the facility at Mount Sinai as a way to help patients deal with their cancer and get support. Partners and spouses need to get credit for what they have to deal with, and here they can all support each other.

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