Symptoms of Prostate Cancer vs. Prostatitis

A caller asks about prostate cancer symptoms and how to check for prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi said prostate cancer is known as the silent killer, because it exhibits no symptoms. With colon cancer, there is blood in the stool. Pancreatic cancer produces jaundice. Lung cancer patients cough up blood. The show’s host himself had no symptoms. Most prostate cancer patients are healthy. Prostate screenings are done with a urologist and entail a DRE and PSA. Anyone over the age of 40, who have any doubt, should get a second opinion. Prostatitis does have symptoms, which include frequent or urgent urination, rectal discomfort, perineal discomfort, and in some cases, fever or chills. These patients usually get treated with an IV or antibiotics

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer vs. Prostatitis
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