The Benefits of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery – Explained by Dr. Samadi

Dr. David Samadi, a leading prostate cancer specialist and robotic surgeon, discusses the benefits of robotic prostatectomy surgery on Fox 5 News.  Robotic surgery is becoming more common as a treatment method for prostate cancer due to the benefits it potentially has over traditional open and laparoscopic surgical methods.  These advantages include less blood loss during surgery with no need for a blood transfusion, smaller incisions that heal quickly lowering the risk of infection, high rates of the return of sexual potency after surgery, and very high rates for regaining continence after surgery.

Dr. Samadi is quick to point out that these benefits are highly dependent upon the skill and experience of the surgeon behind the robot.  He feels that this is the reason why some studies show that robotic surgery benefits may not be as pronounced as many believe and expect.  Inexperienced surgeons will not be able to make full use of the robot’s capabilities, and in some cases, the end result may not be up to the standards of well-practiced traditional surgeries as a result.  This, however, is not indicative of what experienced surgeons have shown robotic surgery to be capable of.

Dr. Samadi highly suggests that patients do their research when picking a surgeon who performs the operation with the robot.  He says that patients should look towards centers of excellence that have a high volume and high rate of success with robotic prostatectomy surgery in order to find an experienced surgeon.  Dr. Samadi also allays any fears regarding the robotic surgery process by pointing out that the robot does not do any part of the surgery on its own.  It is controlled at all times by the doctor behind the console.

The Benefits of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery – Explained by Dr. Samadi
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